SkipTheTrip App


  1. Are you concerned that your vehicle insurance has expired because of the ICBC decal being discontinued?
  2. Are you worried about ticket & tow expenses if you are pulled over by the local police with no insurance?
  3. Are you afraid your vehicle may be involved in a crash with no insurance?
  4. Is it hard to memorize all plate expiry dates if you have more than one vehicle?
  5. Would you like to save money with private insurance?
Solution: SkipTheTrip – Smart Auto Renewals (Free App)
  1. Available on App Store, Google Play & by scanning our QR-Code
  2. For privacy and security log-in provision with:
    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Apple
    • For iPhone: Start with ADD NEW FORM to enter your Active Plates with your Insurance Expiry dates.
      • Maximum number of Plate entries are SEVEN on one Form under a person or company.
      • There are multiple Form entries available under one Log-in account on iPhone only
    • For Android: Fill out the form and enter your Active Plates and Insurance Expiry Dates. Only One form on Android, but you can resubmit on your account as many times as you prefer.
  3. Complete each Form with plate number & expiry dates and submit to start automatic notification functionality of our App.
  4. Edit Form with the (+/-) at the time of New Plate.
  5. Our App, SkipTheTrip will send three notifications in the following order:
    • 44 Days before Expiry Date.
    • 7 Days before Expiry Date.
    • 1 Day before Expiry Date.

  6. Notification will take the client to the form with the plate expiring soon for the renewal submission as a kind reminder.
  7. Plate Change / Plate Cancellation:
    For iPhone: (In Progress): open App and then click on appropriate form to edit the Insurance Expiry Date field with the (-) remove a canceled plate and add a new plate with (+). Then, submit the form.
    For Android: open App and edit the Insurance Expiry Date field with the (-) remove a canceled plate and add new plate with (+). Then, submit the form.