Skip A Trip App

Looking to renew your auto insurance from the comfort of your own home? With our new mobile app, you can handle your business from wherever you are. Whether you need to renew your personal auto insurance in Surrey, change your address, evaluate expenses, take advantage of money saving opportunities, or see what is covered under your current insurance plan, all can be done from the ease of your smartphone or tablet.

Not only can you avoid the commute to our office, but the Skip A Trip app comes with money saving opportunities as well. When you download the app, you will be presented with two money saving quotes: one from ICBC and another from your private insurance provider. Choose the plan that is right for you and start saving immediately.

Worried about staying on top of your insurance plan? The Skip A Trip app just makes life easier. You can opt in for notifications to ensure you never miss important deadlines; from renewal reminders to expiring plates, we’ve got you covered in more way than one. So, what are you waiting for? Have convenience at your fingertips and download our mobile app today.


  1. Are you concerned that your vehicle insurance has expired because of the ICBC decal being discontinued?
  2. Are you worried about ticket & tow expenses if you are pulled over by the local police with no insurance?
  3. Are you afraid your vehicle may be involved in a crash with no insurance?
  4. Is it hard to memorize all plate expiry dates if you have more than one vehicle?
  5. Would you like to save money with private insurance?
Solution: Skip A Trip – Smart Auto Renewals (Free App)
  1. Available on App Store & Google Play
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  2. For privacy and security log-in provision with:
    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Apple
  3. Start with ADD NEW FORM to enter your Active Plates with Insurance Expiry dates.
    • Maximum number of Plate entries are SEVEN on one Form.
    • There are multiple Form entries available under one Log-in account.
  4. Complete Plate entries with plate numbers & expiry dates and submit to start automatic notification functionality of our App. Group of smiling diverse men and women texting with smartphone
  5. Edit Form with the (+/-) icon at the time of New Plate, Plate change or Cancellation.
  6. Our App, Skip A Trip will send three notifications in the following order
    • 44 Days before Expiry Date.
    • 7 Days before Expiry Date.
    • 1 Day before Expiry Date.

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  7. Notification will take the app users to the associated plate, reminding them of the approaching expiry date. When users click on the notification, it will activate an automated phone call from the Goldleaf car insurance office to complete the renewal process.If the user checks the, “save money with private insurance” box our experienced team then will contact the user with two quotes (if eligible) giving the client more options to choose from.
    Green Zone – Active Policy.
    Yellow Zone– Renewal process start 44 days before the expiry date.
    Red Zone– No Insurance, if not renewed.