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You can renew/change your policy if:

You are the single registered owner

It’s for a jointly owned vehicle

It’s for a leased vehicle

Its for a company-owned vehicle

It’s for a motorcycle

Its for a collector vehicle

Its a commercial policy

It’s expired

If you want to add, remove or change your ICBC optical coverages during the renewal

You have an outstanding debt owed to ICBC

Fleet vehicle/ vehicles

Mid term changes e.g., add/ remove drivers, address change, rate class change etc

New Plate

Prorate account

Insurance transfer

Temporary operating permit

Rate classes except 001,002,003,004 and 007

If your vehicle falls under any of these categories, simply fill out the form below and we can help you renew/change your ICBC auto insurance policy.

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When Does Your Current Insurance Expire?
Your privacy is very important to us. Goldleaf Insurance Services Inc. wants to make sure your personal information remains safe and protected. This is a consent for communicating by email and sending/receiving your personal information, insurance forms, and if applicable banking information by email. It is important that you understand the following conditions: • Getting your information by email message may not always be secure. Your email could be broken into, and your information could be seen, shared with others, or changed without your permission. We recommend deleting information from your email to reduce the risk to you. • Depending on your email provider, information we send to you may be stored outside of Canada. • If you delete email messages from Goldleaf Insurance Services Inc., backup copies could still be on your computer or in cyberspace. • After your transaction is processed, you will be sent an email with your policy documents. ICBC requires you to respond to that email and tell us if you have accepted your policy terms. You’ll be given options to confirm your acceptance. I agree and understand that my insurance is NOT renewed, and my coverage will NOT take effect until a licensed insurance representative has contacted me and has confirmed that coverage is bound.

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Online renewal is now available for eligible ICBC auto insurance policies!

The ICBC Basic Autoplan is mandatory for all British Columbians who own or operate a motor vehicle within the province. While there are additional optional coverage plans available, the basic plan provides a basic level of coverage to protect drivers.

To ensure you are always covered by an ICBC insurance policy, there is a convenient online renewal system in place. So, if you’re travelling, short on time, or simply enjoy the ease of online renewals, your ICBC insurance coverage can be extended with a few simple steps.

However, when it’s time to renew your ICBC auto insurance, there are certain circumstances where renewing online is not permitted. For example, your policy cannot be renewed online if:

  • There are multiple owners of the vehicle
  • The vehicle is under lease
  • The vehicle is company-owned
  • It’s for a motorcycle, trailer, or collector vehicle
  • It’s under commercial or fleet policies
  • Your current policy expires outside of the 44-day window
  • Your ICBC policy has passed its expiry date
  • You want to add, modify, or remove your ICBC optional coverages during the renewal
  • You owe an outstanding debt to ICBC

If you are ineligible for online renewals or have questions or concerns regarding your auto insurance in Surrey, seek expert advice from your insurance broker at Goldleaf Insurance.

When Do I Need to Renew My Insurance

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Certain criteria must be met to renew your Autoplan insurance online. Generally, drivers are eligible to renew their ICBC auto insurance online if:

  • They are renewing a personal policy
  • Their plan is due for renewal in 44 days or less
  • It is not a jointly-owned vehicle (e.g., has only one owner)
  • The owner wants the same ICBC insurance coverage with no changes to the plan

If your policy meets the criteria above, you should be able to renew online; however, there are circumstances where online renewals are prohibited. If you are unsure or need assistance with your policy renewal, our brokers are here to help.

How Online Renewal Works Step-By-Step

online auto insurance renewal
  • Step 1: Log in securely with your BC services card app or Interac® verification service.
  • Step 2: Confirm your ICBC insurance plan and policy details and pay securely online.
  • Step 3: Print your insurance documents and keep a copy in your vehicle at all times.
  • Step 4: Your online renewal has been completed online! After you’ve paid, a broker at Goldleaf will review the details and contact you if necessary.

Before you start your renewal online, you may want to gather the following (if applicable):

  • A valid B.C. driver’s licence number and birth date of any drivers you’d like to add to the policy.
  • If you want to be considered for distance-based discounts, you will need a photo of your vehicle’s odometer reading. It’s important to note, you will need to submit two odometer readings dated one year apart to be eligible for the discount.

To pay in full, you can use a credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express) at the time of renewal. To pay in instalments, you can submit your bank account information.

How much does it cost to renew ICBC insurance online

The cost of ICBC online renewals will vary case by case. While there is no additional fee for the online service, factors such as vehicle use, driving history, the ICBC policies you choose, etc., will impact the cost of online renewals. To receive a personalized quote or to renew auto insurance online, BC drivers can contact Goldleaf Insurance.


What Happens with an Insurance Renewal After the Expiry Date

If your ICBC auto insurance online lapses post the expiry date, you may face a gap in your comprehensive coverage, potentially exposing you to risks in British Columbia. You also will not be eligible for online renewal.

Can I renew ICBC insurance over the phone

Yes, many insurance brokers, including Goldleaf Insurance, offer phone-based renewals for the convenience of British Columbia residents.

Is it cheaper to renew ICBC insurance online

While the insurance corporation does not typically offer cost reductions for online renewals, it’s a convenient method that can save time.

How far in advance can I renew my policy online

You can initiate insurance renewals with ICBC up to 44 days before your policy expires, ensuring continuous coverage.

How do I receive my ICBC Online Renewal Documents

Upon successfully renewing your ICBC auto insurance online, the insurance corporation will email your documents, which you can then print and/or store digitally.

Do I need to keep a copy of my ICBC Renewal Documents in my vehicle

Yes, it’s essential to keep a copy of your renewal documents in your vehicle, ensuring you have proof of coverage should you need it.

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