Auto Insurance in British Columbia

What You Need to Know About Auto Insurance in BC?

The law requires all BC drivers to carry insurance coverage. You must buy a basic auto insurance policy through ICBC but can buy optional car insurance from a private auto insurance provider.

Car Insurance Coverage in British Columbia

Accident benefits may cover property and medical costs depending on your mandatory coverage and optional auto insurance. Also, find out in detail what commercial auto insurance covers in BC.

Collision Insurance

Collision coverage protects your car from any automobile crashes with another vehicle or object.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive coverage protects your car from any other kinds of impacts.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance provides towing and tire change services in case you have a breakdown on the road.

Specified Perils

Specified perils policies explicitly list damages your insurance policy covers.

All Perils

All-peril coverage protects your car from all perils except those your policy specifically excludes.

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What Car Insurance Do I Need to Have in BC?

Why Choose Us As Your Insurance Company in BC

Goldleaf Insurance offers at-fault accident coverage. As one of Canada’s leading auto insurance providers, we provide top-quality auto insurance for Canadian drivers.

How to Get Cheap Car Insurance in British Columbia

Basic insurance adds to your monthly bills, especially if you own multiple vehicles. Here are some tips on how to get cheap auto insurance in BC.

1. Shop and Compare

Comparing auto insurance rates from different providers can help you find the best rates on car insurance.

2. Stay with Your Current Insurer

BC insurance companies offer discounts the longer you stay with them.

3. Bundle Your Policies

Buying optional coverages together can get you a discount from your private insurer.

4. Get a Multi-Car Discount

Car insurance brokers often provide discounts for multi-car policies.

5. Increase Your Deductible

The higher your deductible, the lower your monthly payments.

6. Ask About Discounts

Most providers will give you a discount if you inquire.

7. Pay Premiums Annually, Instead of Monthly

You can get a discount by paying your premiums by the year instead of the month.

8. Maintain a Good Driving Record

Companies offer lower premiums for those with a good driving and insurance record.

9. Install Winter Tires

Canada’s leading auto insurance companies offer discounts for safety features, like winter tires.

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How to Get a British Columbia Driver’s Licence?

BC has a specific process to get your driver’s licence and different eligibility requirements, depending on the licence level.

Learner’s Licence (or Level One) Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be at least 16 years old
  • Pass multiple choice test

Novice Licence (or Level Two) Eligibility Criteria

  • Must hold learner’s licence for at least 12 months
  • Pass a 45-minute Class 7 road test

Full Licence (or Level Three) Eligibility Criteria

  • Must have a novice licence for two years
  • Complete the Class 5 road test

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Do I Need Auto Insurance in British Columbia?

Yes, all drivers in BC must hold BC auto insurance.

Does My Car Insurance Cover Me If I Driver for Uber or Lyft?

Yes, ICBC coverage protects Uber and Lyft drivers that get into an accident.

Is Roadside Assistance Required in BC?

No, the BC insurance system does not require a vehicle owner to buy roadside assistance.

How Long Do Driving Offences Stay on My Driving Record in BC?

Driving offences stay on your record for five years.